Revisiting GIMP

One night, I saw my offspring #2 helping offspring #1 do a school project. They were trying to remove a photo’s background and save it as a transparent image using GIMP. Yes, using GIMP. I was really surprised when I noticed offspring #2 using GIMP’s path tool. I’ve been working in the web dev industry for decades now but it didn’t cross my mind to use the path tool in GIMP.

I’m not a graphic design guy. I use Photoshop to open PSDs I get from our designers when I need to slice and export assets for web use. I have GIMP installed on my work PC but I only use it when someone’s logged in to our Adobe CS account.

Now, I try to integrate GIMP into my workflow. I use it whenever I need to resize or crop assets, get hex colors from a mockup, and if I need to measure the sizes of components.

GIMP is a practical alternative to Photoshop. It’s free to download so you won’t lose anything if you want to try it.