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Stuff I Read Today: 8/28/2022

Let go of what doesn’t matter: If something isn’t serving a purpose or making you happy, let it go. This can be anything from a material possession to an obligation you don’t enjoy.”

Create more structure in your day: A little organization can go a long way in bringing order and simplicity. Set aside specific times for work, relaxation, and everything in between so you know what to expect each day.”

How to Simplify Your Life
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Protected: Moving on. Moving back.

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Stuff I Read Today

Stuff I Read Today: 3/9/2022

“But what is certain is we don’t need to be together five days a week to make these things happen. With a shrinking workforce and an increasing war for talent, employers who don’t provide flexibility will be the losers.”

Even Google agrees the old days of office life are done

“In psychology, decision fatigue occurs when your mind is overwhelmed by options. You’re caught in paralysis-by-analysis.”

The Simplest “Hack” to Being Productive, Not Busy
Stuff I Read Today

Stuff I Read Today: 2/8/2022

“To Mullenweg, there is nothing inherently beneficial about working alongside people in a physical space. Indeed, the work-from-home revolution has revealed that aspects of the analog experience are toxic for many.”

What Is Company Culture If You Don’t Have an Office?

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Revisiting GIMP

One night, I saw my offspring #2 helping offspring #1 do a school project. They were trying to remove a photo’s background and save it as a transparent image using GIMP. Yes, using GIMP. I was really surprised when I noticed offspring #2 using GIMP’s path tool. I’ve been working in the web dev industry for decades now but it didn’t cross my mind to use the path tool in GIMP.

I’m not a graphic design guy. I use Photoshop to open PSDs I get from our designers when I need to slice and export assets for web use. I have GIMP installed on my work PC but I only use it when someone’s logged in to our Adobe CS account.

Now, I try to integrate GIMP into my workflow. I use it whenever I need to resize or crop assets, get hex colors from a mockup, and if I need to measure the sizes of components.

GIMP is a practical alternative to Photoshop. It’s free to download so you won’t lose anything if you want to try it.

Stuff I Read Today

Stuff I Read Today: 9/13/2021

“Every time I learned a new PC programming language, the industry changed.”

An Old Programmer Loses His Job – AP Carpen / Medium

“We learn better by playing games. So we’ve collected interactive coding tools and games to help you learn CSS, JavaScript, SQL, React, Vim, regular expressions, Jamstack and pretty much everything in-between.”

Interactive Learning Tools For Front-End Developers – Louis Lazaris / Smashing Magazine

“Though it’s not a true “dark mode”, you can use CSS’ filter to create dark mode of your own:”

Dark Mode in One Line of Code! – David Walsh
html {
  filter: invert(1);



Hello, world?!?

This is probably my 5th or 10th blog, I lost count. If you know how to look, a lot of them are still lurking around the interwebs. I still remember my first blog, it was a static only collection of HTML files that I created back in college and hosted in GeoCities. During those days, I would never have thought that messing around with HTML will be my main bread & butter, I thought I’ll become a systems analyst because you know, big bucks. Eventually, I started to love writing HTML and everything started to align in place. I would like to sit down, reminisce, and write about the start of my career but that would take long and I’ll probably need to squeeze my memory a little. I’m now at a point where I don’t remember all the details completely and that is my catalyst for starting this blog, I need something to make me remember.